Taxamo does not work with pro sites the tax calculations are wrong


I just updated Pro sites and I meet a lot of problems, taxamo does not work with pro sites, the tax calculations are wrong, the payment message is not displayed successfully with stripe (test mode), and finally I do not get receipt of subscription and no notification of payment. Can watch what may be the problem?

The most important for now is the calculation of VAT and then received by email.

The price is 29 € excluding tax + 20% tax and € 96 calculates, how does it take to find it?

I use wordpress 4.3.3 and pro sites

I do not understand what may happen, I spent several hours trying all settings.


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Alexandre

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Indeed, the Stripe gateway currently does have a few issues and the developer is working on getting them sorted out. That is our top priority in Pro Sites at the moment.

    You should see a success message on your Pro Site checkout page after payment as seen in the screenshot below. Do you not see that on your site?

    Regarding the email issue, do other WordPress emails send correctly from your site? I just tested on my own development site in Stripe test mode and, while the user did not receive the email (this can happen in Stripe test mode, best to test live), the super-admin did receive a copy.

    Finally, the Taxamo issue is very odd. I do not see how the plugin can arrive at €29 + 20% tax = €96

    I've asked other members of the support team who have a Taxamo account to see if they can reproduce this issue.

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