Taxamo mismatch when viewing page source

Hi, while i was watching page source i found this CDATA entry in header:

/* <![CDATA[ */

var psts_tax = {“taxamo_missmatch”:”EU VAT: Your location evidence is not matching. Additional evidence required. If you are travelling in another country or using a VPN, please provide as much information as possible and ensure that it is accurate.”,”taxamo_imsi_short”:”Your IMSI number for your SIM card must be 15 characters long.”,”taxamo_imsi_invalid”:”The IMSI number you provided is invalid for a EU country.”,”taxamo_overlay_non_eu”:”Resident of non-EU country.”,”taxamo_overlay_detected”:”Detected VAT country:”,”taxamo_overlay_learn_more”:”Learn more.”,”taxamo_overlay_country_set”:”VAT country is set to:”};

/* ]]> */

I have Taxamo disabled and never activated before, i use WHMC’s with EU VAT module, is it possible to the developer remove the CDATA from header? Because im not traveling or using VPN and my sim card is only for my eyes :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: