TAXAMO not working anymore, net amount instead of gross amount passed to PayPal & TAXAMO

Since you “fixed” TAXAMO it is now used as before for the calculation of the amount but the order is never transferred to TAXAMO anymore (before it was sent with the PayPal IP leading to all orders tax-exempt in the EU @ TAXAMO).

In addition, all amounts are sent to TAXAMO as net values although they are gross values. The same is true for PayPal.

Please fix this immediately and test it really before releasing an update with someone from the EU or with a VPN provider using a EU IP.

I think you don’t realize what you are doing with any plugin that has to do with money. If the WP SMUSH PRO plugin doesn’t work it’s not such a huge problem as when invalid TAX info is passed to PayPal or TAXAMO. I am legally obliged to pay taxes in the corresponding EU country on all orders. If a customer from France buys from me I have to pay the french tax and actually pay it in France even if my business is located in Germany.

Please fix the TAXAMO stuff ASAP and also the PayPal order values.