Taxamo + Stripe: Any way to use taxamo generated payment form or checkout button instead of stripe?

Hi again,

As I told you before, the current Taxamo integration is not really compliant to EU rules (at least with the Stripe gateway). This might be sufficient for people outside of the EU, but not for us customers inside.

Is there any way to replace the Stripe checkout function with the equivalent features of Taxamo as documented here:

and here:

This is not a feature request, I would be ready to replace some portions of the code myself, but it seems I am not enough of a dev to find the right portions.

This would help me tremendously.


  • Jose

    Hi there @Jonathan,

    Hope you are doing well today.

    I must admit that I'm not an expert myself neither in Taxamo API nor VAT related matters, so please apologizes beforehand if I'm missing something here.

    As per what I understand in your other thread, you only need to add a way for the user to set his billing Country.
    In that case, the easier way would be to modify the method determine_country() in the file wp-content/plugins/protected-content/app/addon/taxamo/class-ms-addon-taxamo-api.php in order to grab the country information from the checkout form or wherever you stored it.

    Is there any way to replace the Stripe checkout function with the equivalent features of Taxamo as documented here

    If you still want to try this approach, you will have quite a good amount of work to do. It would require to create you own gateway or maybe modify the Stripe gateway view to render the Taxamo form/button instead of the Stripe button.
    I'm not totally sure though about how the integration between Taxamo and Stripes works on the background, and how would your site be notified of payment status. I guess all this information is provided in Taxamo docs.

    Hope this helps you to find a workaround until the improvements to the Taxamo integration are released.


  • Jonathan

    Hi @Jose,

    Thank you for your answer. Sadly it is not that easy...

    EU requirements are to collect at least two non-contradictory pieces of evidence for the billing country of the buyer and keep the information on file for 10 years.

    That is what Taxamo is supposed to do - including the whole process.

    What your integration is doing is the following: Determine country by IP. Select Billing country as country from IP. Send this as two pieces of evidence (although it is only one). This way you create to pieces of evidence from one. Kind of clever, but really...

    In a real Taxamo integration from what I understand, the process would be to replace the Stripe Checkout features with the Taxamo form. But only to swap the form, not the rest of the checkout process. This would then perform the payment related processes in Stripe, but also send the data to Taxamo.

    I haven't coded in a long time - and sadly I won't be able to fix this myself in the time I have left.

    Here is to hoping you get this sorted out soon. You are really risking the legal status of your customers in the EU the way it is now.


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