Taxnomy template pages not working

I'm running the latest version of CustomPress and WordPress 3.0.4 Multisite on the Genesis Framework.

I'm using a heirarchical custom taxonomy for Location e.g. County and Towns. I'm using the template hierarchy to display custom templates for categories etc. However, I can't get the taxonomy templates to work.

taxonomy.php works fine.

taxonomy-location.php doesn't work.

taxonomy-location-naas.php doesn't work.

Have you any idea why this would be the case? Below is a link to one of the taxonomies in question.


  • afino

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Yeah the templates are definitely ok.

    For test purposes, I put a simple ad code at the top of the three templates to display before the loop. Same basic code so it should work identically.

    The higher level templates don't display. WP skips over them and calls taxonomy.php (I can tell by the ad displayed and the ad display stops working entirely when taxonomy.php is deleted)

    Btw not quite sure what you mean by "they're showing in the list of page templates". This isn't the selectable page templates - I'm using the built-in WP hierarchy where is looks for
    taxonomy-{taxonomy}-{term}.php > taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php > taxonomy.php > archive.php > index.php etc. and uses whichever one it finds first.

    Does that make sense?


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