Taxonomy Drill-down widget is not working correctly

On my site, I have a taxonomy drill down widget running to allow people to search for the dog service they need. Please see Link removed at members request

On the right hand side, you see 'Find a Doggie Service Near You;' drop down on the right hand side. It's basically not much use as it doesn't return the results you ask it to.

For instance, I asked it to find me 'dog daycare' in 'Nottinghamshire', so it came up with this; Link removed at members request The centre daycare company is in Northamptonshire! Nothing to do with Nottinghamshire, so why did it show up in the results?

I checked the directory, and it turns out there are only 3 dog daycares listed on the entire directory, so perhaps this is just totally ignoring the location marker? Why would it do this?

Have also searched for 'dog walkers' 'Northamptonshire' and again got the entire list of dog walkers available across the entire directory.

How can I fix this please?