team, Background wordpress multisite install I have

Hi team,

wordpress multisite install
I have installed post indexer and that is working fine, checks out all ok!

I uploaded recent-global-posts-feed.php to /wp-content/ as per the instructions.

I tested, using my domain. I used my main domain and a subsite domain and both show the feed.

From now on things go wrong:

I uploaded widget-recent-global-posts-feed.php to /wp-content/plugins/

firstly all the plugins are activated, and when like this i get the widget in only the main domain dashboard, not the subdomains (i know there is an addition step via text editor to do that and i will come to that in a mo)

i added the widget to the side bar but all that shows up is the title i put in the widget title box, nothing else, so thats problem 1 explained.

problem 2, editing the widget-recent-global-posts-feed.php. My version does not have 'yes' anywhere in it, what looks like the right place where the "yes" illustrated on page
in my version of the file has a 1, so i changed the 1 to 0 saved it etc, but all that did was make the widget disappear from the mainsite as well as not show up on the subsites

everything is in the right place, please can you advise?