Team, I've a few question about the Membership plugin. -

Hi Team,

I've a few question about the Membership plugin.

- Who will send the invoice? Membership?
- Can we put tax on the invoice?
- Or is it possible to Ping to Freshbooks API so that they will send the invoice? (that would be awesome)
- And what happens with the proces if it a recurring payment? Who will send the reminder with a link to pay?

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Vaughan


    thanks for the post.

    #1 i don't think membership sends out invoices unfortunately, though i've seen some requests for it, so it's likely it may arrive in future versions.

    #2 i don't think you can seperate tax, as the price will include tax unfortunately.

    #3 membership does allow remote pings, so it is quite possible it could ping freshbooks API, whilst I also use freshbooks myself, i haven't used any of those functions, mainly i just use freshbooks at moment for keeping account of my expenses.

    you need to enter the ping url then the ping data

    1 or more of the following

    One entry per line. e.g. key=value

    then set to either GET or POST

    #4 you can set notifications for renewal reminders in the membership > communications page. you can then set to send reminders out x days prior to end of subscription.

    hope this helps.


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