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I am using MarketPress Pro for a client who offers teleclasses. Since nothing is shipped, I don’t want to collect the purchaser’s shipping info. I’ve found two ways to do this, but neither really work for me.

1) I can set No Shipping globally on the shipping settings page, but my client also offers physical products that do need to be shipped.

2) I can upload a file in order to make it a downloadable product, and then no shipping info is requested. However, this isn’t really a downloadable product, it’s an event registration. There’s nothing to download.

Are there any options I’m missing? A way to specify a product that isn’t shipped, but is not a download?

I’m not sure it matters, but just so you know, payment processing will be with PayPal XPress, and some teleclasses will be free.

I’m using the latest version of WP.


  • Kimberly
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    Hello there!

    Welcome to the Community!

    I am afraid at the moment that to add in a png or other item in the download link is the only way to get a per-item no shipping rule.

    The developer is aware of this request as another members has recently made the same and is deciding how to best tackle the issue.



  • cruxwireweb
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    Thanks Kimberly.

    The confirmation email has a download link, and I don’t want folks to download some placeholder file. I don’t see a place to edit that in the admin area – is there one? I guess it will need a conditional anyway (so the link shows up for actual downloads products), so I’ll need to get into the MarketPress code to do that. If this task is something someone knows how to do off the top of their head, I’d love to hear but I’m going to go ahead and start digging. I wanted to scope out the code anyway. :slight_smile:


    Kim (yep, another Kim!)

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