template file single-listing.php

I’d like details on creating a template for listings . my understanding is that this should be single-listing.php

i could create this myself and then go through custom fields to get output, but your table display for default is good and I’d prefer to start hacking your display template rather than hacking my theme default single.php template.

there was a thread (somewhere, i cant relocate it, i find this forum very difficult to search) that discussed Directory (or custom press) auto creating a single-listings.php file. I’d like to do that, and avoid complications on the way.

i have a set up on multisite that basically works at present,


but no single-template.php was created for theme.

I could uninstall directory and custompress and then reinstall making sure directory permissions are set etc. however i want to be sure this does not cause problems (eg old data in database)

– will it cause problems with multisite install?

what is the process for auto creating template?

what’s the (step by step please) custompress setup in Network admin before moving to subsite to create custom fields and categories?

would it be simpler to grab the code from single-listing.php in default theme bundled with directory and use this or will there be problems with functions not in my theme?

before i start this , does the next version in beta have a good front end admin screen for adding/editing listings? rather than defaulting to custom posts wp admin ? if it does please give me a copy of beta