Template for new blogs being overwritten when admin edits the child blog.

This is behavior I haven't seen before. When the admin of a pro-site blog created by New Blog Templates tries to add a page (which they can not publish unless they upgrade), that pending page (and status) is duplicated back on the original template used to auto-create the pro-site blog. WTF?! Not only that, but the admin of the pro-site blog sees a live notification of any editing the superadmin is doing to the template pages (that is, not just the page created by the admin, but any existing page spawned by the template), as if the template and the spawn are the same being. Clearly there are tables being shared between the template and the spawn that shouldn't be. At least that's my guess. Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone help me fix it? It is obviously a deal breaker to the business model I'm using if the template can't stay pure. I don't mind the part about the spawns inheriting live changes in the template.