Template Overrides and Page Questions

Is there a method to override template files for restyling and layout so nothing is overridden during a plugin update?

Also, what pages are used for the signup and pay process? Are these custom pages or ones I need to build? If I wanted a link to the levels selection page how would I get to that? Is the signup page just the regular WP signup page?

  • Alexander

    Hey @Ryan,

    The initial sign up process actually just happens via the standard WordPress Multisite form.

    Once the blog is created, a user can upgrade it. This happens from the Pro Sites billing page.

    I'm sorry, right now there isn't a way to modify this without altering the plugin directly. We are however working on a more customizable sign up system for Pro Sites. For now you can't override it in a plugin or theme though.

    You can always add your own CSS though. It's also possible with Javascript to have one of the options preselected. (let me know if you're interested in this and I can show you)

    Best regards,

  • Ryan

    ok, so

    1. If I wanted to have a process where there is a menu link for register, would it just link to wp-signup.php ?

    2. After entering name and email and hitting next on that page, it adds info for domain name and site title (and template choice) is that all just ajaxed in there after clicking next? What file controls that?

    3. Is there a way to have the level choice pre-signup? If so, how can I get that to show?

    4. What exactly does the question, "would you like to upgrade this site to Pro" with radio buttons mean? What does that do?

    Thank you

  • Alexander


    I'm sorry about the delay here. To answer your questions.

    1. Yes, this is correct.

    2. This all happens in wp-signup.php Nothing is done over ajax though.

    3. Unfortunately no, Pro Sites requires the site to exist before a Pro Level can be added.

    4. Choosing yes will take you to the upgrade form immediately after the site is created. Otherwise they'll be left on the built in free level and taken to their dashboard

    With custom development, it's possible to make this all happen at once. But you'd need to create your own custom wp-signup.php file.

    Best regards,

  • Alexander

    Hi @Ryan,

    Our developers have actually created an entirely custom wp-signup.php for that page.

    As for number 4, it could be related to the theme not being able to redirect properly. There are a few things you can do here.

    You might want to try testing another theme on your primary site to see if that makes a difference.

    Or, if you want to require a payment to get started, you can enable the "Pay to blog" module.

    Best regards,