Temporary exclusive content for premium members


I would like to know if there is anyway to make a content "exclusive" during a specified time (for example 7 days).
For example, I write a new post and this post will be visible only by the premium members during 1 week. After that, the post become automatically public and visible for every one.

The solution would be to create a category in which I post my new articles, and remove this category after 1 week, but I prefer to have something automatic (I will probably have many posts per day).

Second question (more simple :grinning:, if a content is only visible for premium members, did the robots from Google, Yahoo, etc. still have access to the articles to index them ?

Thank you for your answers !

  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    unfortunately this isn't possible with membership, it's not something i've come across either.

    you can drip feed content with membership but i think that's determined by how long they have been a member, with more content being displayed the longer they're a member. but not by actual post date.

    you can also schedule a post to be published at a specific time. when you create the post.

    see http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/schedule-a-post/

    i guess then with a plugin such as role scoper you could assign your premium members a specific role and then customize your templates with a custom query so that those members can view posts where the post_status = 'future' but you would need a developer to code that for you.

    as for google bots etc they will only see content that is published and visible to guests/visitors, so they wouldn't see content restricted to premium members.

    hope this helps

  • Zetura

    Thank you for your answer.
    The idea with role scoper is good, but then I wouldn't be able to really schedule posts (for premium members) :slight_smile: For the development, I'm a developer too, so I can implement that in my theme.

    If we are a Gold Member, can we modify the code of the WPMU plugins ? It will probably be more easy for me to customize the function to display the posts :slight_smile:.

    If not, I will look for the solution with role scoper. Thank you !

  • Vaughan


    if you use the advanced rules in your access levels it will give you some advanced options such as you can assign a particular role to each access level. so when a member subscribes to the premium level, they will be assigned a user role of your choice.

    with role scoper you could assign them all the permissions that their current role has.

    so in essence, you create a role such as 'premium-contributor' then give that role the exact same capabilities etc as their current 'contributor' role. just a clone but a different name. so then your premium members then become premium-contributors instead of contributors.

    and your edits to allow viewing of future post_status can be assigned to that user role or higher.

    hope that i made that understandable, sometimes i ramble on.

    you can modify the plugins as much as you like, but remember when you update, those changes will be lost.


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