Terms and Condtions options for Appointments + or Marketplace

My site runs Appointments + and Marketplace plugins so our users can schedule multiple appointments. I alos have TOS plugin installed but that requires user registration which our system does not use.

I have read the forums and I know there is a custom solution for markeplace which can be found here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/adding-a-check-box-for-terms-and-conditions

I do not have shipping enabled so only their e-mail address shows. So I don't know if this will work.

And for Appointments + I also have: Additional Fields enabled. This seems like it might work.

I can creat a checkbox for the appointments form that says: Do you agree to our terms and conditions? And then force the checkbox, but is it possible to add a link that then points to the terms and conditions page? If so this would be the ideal solution.

I have to have a terms and conditions page with a forced checkbox. The question becomes which option will suit my needs the best. If I can show the link to the terms page (they have to be able to read the terms) it would be ideal.