[Terms of Service] NEW privacy and GDPR plugin

GDPR plugin are doing big business since the 2018 GDPR regulations in Europe. As I run the WPMUDEV terms of service plugin, I looked forward to a affortable multisite GDPR plugin.

Maybe, Privacy and GDPR compliance can be a new target plugin for WPMUDEV? Today, any decent GDPR plugin charge 25$ to 50$ for each website!! This count in a multisite install.

The Terms of Service plugin was a good plugin from the days before GDPR. General consent …. as network admin, I just see all my clients asking me to make their website GDPR complient.

I wonder who else would be interested in a newly privacy and GDPR plugin?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Avatar

    I hope you’re having a great day!

    GDPR is quite a “broad” subject, there are many aspects of it. There’s also quite a lot of plugins that “claim” to address GDPR issues/requirements but the “coverage” vary a lot.

    Having that said, I’d like to ask you if you could share some more details/ideas? What features/tools do you think this should have? What are “critical” and “less critical” aspects and what is (if there is) something that, for example, most of these plugins provide and you consider it actually useless?

    If you’d like to share any other/additional ideas on this I’d appreciate that a lot as well :slight_smile:

    Best regards,


  • Avatar
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi Adam Czajczyk

    About my ideas and details. Well I am running very simple websites, many times side projects who want to comply and offer the right privacy policy. So, no complex business models. That being said, I think about my wp network admin work. How my install and plugins are connected in my network, so that I can move forward to GDPR compliance and a strong privacy ethos.

    My basic idea:

    -A privacy GDPR superpower plugin make the Terms of Service more advanced. Network admin settings, and subsite settings are possible. With network admin and site admin role settings.

    -As networkadmin should I be able to force all visitors to accept or deny the basic network terms of use. Network wide. So, basicly the posiblity to force basic policy to tell the user about the Network Policies. Ex. I notice that major news agencies use one policy to accept or adapt for all their different news websites. Once accepted on one website, you dont get bothered on other websites. Ofcourse, differences between websites should be possible to be added in the network.

    -For the forced pop-up or bar to accept or modify compliance, it seems to me that Hustle is already able to make or style these things. Maybe a privacy GDPR superpower addon in Hustle?

    After my quick GDPR read it would likely help me:

    -A default optimalizations for WPMUDEV hosted WordPress installs

    -As a WordPress site owner, you first need to publish a detailed policy on which personal data points you’re using, how they are being processed and stored.

    -Further, it may be wise to avoid data storage altogether in certain cases.

    -Each plugin needs to establish a data flow and inform about the processing of personal data. If you are the developer of a plugin, consider providing users of your plugin an addendum that they may add to their website’s terms in order to make them GDPR compliant. So, if I could set up a addendum to my terms of service arcross my entired WordPress Network, lock it, so site admins cannot overide it.

    Lastly, use others work. From my understanding, other open source project can be build on to make things happen. https://wordpress.org/plugins/gdpr/#description. But, since I am not a GDPR expert, nor a pluging wp expert, I just give my concept of it. I hope others can help you with more ideas about critical, less critical and useless.

    (Writing this, I just noticed the Defender Pro industry regulatory disclosure requirment in my setting>privacy>create new page. …:wink:

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Avatar

    Thanks for getting back to me with this extensive insight!

    As a side note: “I just noticed the Defender Pro industry regulatory disclosure requirment in my setting>privacy>create new page…” – it’s not only Defender, if you got other plugins of ours active, you may notice some more notices being added there :slight_smile:

    I must honestly say that while this makes a lot of sense to me, I’m not a GDPR expert and not really experienced with “legal aspects” of this all – and I believe it would be extremely important in case of such plugin (or add-on to some existing one) to make sure that it actually helps to fallow all related laws. So, probably some experienced lawyer should actually be involved in the project. I don’t mean creating any policies or terms because that’s obviously something that’s not only not a plugins’ creators role but most of all – it’s very individual to each site. But probably such a specialist should oversee the project to help make sure that it is actually “legally useful”, so to say, and will help address legal aspects. But that’s my private opinion on this :slight_smile:

    I’m wondering though what other Members would add up to our discussion here. I’m finding this very interesting and potentially helpful and useful so I’m keen on getting as much feedback and ideas as possible :slight_smile:

    Have a nice day!


  • Julian
    • Fake Russian Bot

    Interesting indeed. I’m wondering what other features could be useful for a GDPR compliance plugin.

    Not letting WordPress and any plugins store any data and cookies and only after the user accepts cookies via a cookie notice bar allow storage? Sounds difficult but it would go a long way in helping with GDPR compliance.

  • Benji
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    This is a really cool idea! Looking around, there isn’t much out there for multisites. It would be interesting to hear what you have done for Edublogs, and what features you have added to it to make it GDPR compliant. Maybe some of those features could be turned into a plugin?

    I have heard of a lot of people using WordPress GDPR to make their WordPress install GDPR compliant, and it seems pretty feature rich. But, it has no multisite compatibility.

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