Terms of Service on New Site Signup Page

I have been using a very old and outdated plugin that shows a terms of service the first time folks login: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/terms-of-use/

It is causing problems now, and I want to get on a regular updated plugin. I was looking at the terms of service plugin here. It seems like it would work, but our environment runs on shibboleth so there is no sign-up screen. They just log in.

I was thinking perhaps we could add it to the "New-Site" page and they would need to agree to the terms of service each time they created a site. Any ideas how I could add it to the /wp-signup.php page?

Thanks for any tips. I'd rather this were an option with the plugin so I could stay with y'all if you update rather than having to custom code it, but even pointing me in the right direction would be great.



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    On more thought, I need to have users redirected to a terms of service the first time they log in. There are often students posting content that need to agree to the terms of service before they post, but they will not be creating sites.

    Any ideas how to modify this plugin so that it is like the terms of service plugin?

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    Hi Jeff,

    While it seems doable to add the option to the Add New Site page, it's not the simplest procedure given the way the plugin works (it's meant to be for the signup form in general as opposed to site creation).

    To help with that, you could take a look at how an option is added to that page in the New Blog Templates plugin.

    The only way I can think of for your second inquiry is to add something to usermeta to keep track of whether the user has logged in before. From there, it would be as simple as wrapping the relevant signup code from the plugin with a check of that value to see if they've logged in before.

    The output for the plugin occurs in the signup_tos_page_main_output() function on line 147 of the current plugin version and you may be able to use that function to display the output in the Add New Site page as well.

    Hope this helps!


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