Tersus theme (non-WPMUdev), how to add font-family files?


I am experimenting with the Tersus theme from Northvantage.co.uk. (ThemeForest link). Does anyone have experience with this theme?

I bought a webfont font that I would like to use throughout the site (strictly on a single blog) and am having some cold start issues. How do I add the font to the theme so that it can be selected in the various skinning options?

I uploaded a ../tersus/myfont.css file and a ../tersus/stylesheets/myfont/ folder that holds the various ttf; wot; eof files of the font family. The ../tersus/myfont.css file contains four @font-family declarations with src pointing to the ../tersus/stylesheets/myfont/ folder.

Where (and how syntax-wise) do I specify the inclusion of the ../tersus/myfonts.css? Is it in the custom CSS text box on the theme's admin? Do I add <style type="text/css"><?php require NV_DIR.'/myfonts.css'; ?></style> to the header.php?

The plugin author pointed me to a plugin that meets my needs, but is quite tedious in that I have to specifically declare every pt size and font color etc in advance. I was hoping to use the on the fly WYSIWIG editor to change font characteristics.

Any ideas?