Testing coupon issue & registered user not found

Hello… I’m using pop up registration. I just update the plugin to 3.3, now I’m creating a test account, I created a user and, in step 2 I just wrote 1234 as a coupon but I didn’t create one (in teh back end), just to see the error message or something to translate it. But the system just closed the pop-up and the user is redirected to the register page.

When I try to acces for that level again writing the user and pass as an already registered user, the system says user not found. Even when I have the user and pass sent to my email like if I was registered.

I think the system should accept the user and then show again the button to do the payment right?.

Besides that the coupn didn’t show an error message to write another or something like that. Why it closes the popup? If I were a new user and after do that and having the pass and username it says user not found I will be very confused… Very misleading!

Please let me know about this please!