Testing Events+ as and Adding Membership to Super User

I didn't find anything I could use about this on the first two pages of forum search results:

When I am testing Events+ as Super User (is that WP Super Administrators?) I can't add a Membership to my own user for testing, which makes the the Subscriptions page show a message about listing the subscriptions below, but of course the list is empty.

  • ken_lyle

    I have been testing with a test user by opening Firefox, and running the Admin in Chrome, but that's a little annoying, and makes my netbook a little unhappy.

    1) It would be nice to be able to add a membership to a Super User, and have them be restricted correctly on the front end. Is that possible?

    2) Maybe the Subscriptions page (register) could show a more specific error message, like "You have no memberships" , and show the list of available memberships? It seems like a little logic error, but maybe it doesn't matter?

    Is there any doc about best practices for developing on Events+? I feel like I've watched most of the videos, and don't recall...


  • Patrick

    Hi there @ken_lyle

    I hope you are well today!

    I think I should clear one thing up first off: the Super User is a feature of the Membership plugin that enables you to grant access to Membership admin features to any user you choose. It has nothing at all to do with Events+.

    Granting Super User status to a user also gives them access to all content on the site, and thus supersedes any and all access rules in Membership.

  • ken_lyle

    Thanks, Patrick! But I don't see how I can remove Super User from my Super Admin, so that I can test the site without using a second browser...or is that just the way it has to be? I found out that if I deactivate the member, it's not just a Membership thing, I am immediately logged out of Wordpress.

    Even when I go to the Users list and remove Super User from my Administrator, the Subscriptions/register page is broken in the same way, with the sub-par error message.

    Even after logout and logging back in, with Super User removed, I am seeing Super User in the All Members list....so something is being cached by Wordpress, I guess.

    It seems like I am moving farther from the solution.

    Let me know if you can bring some clarity...meanwhile, I'll just use a second browser for testing.

  • ken_lyle

    Ash, This seems like a great feature and tip, but doesn't seem to be working for me, at least not the way I am currently thinking.

    To test with Membership, especially what happens on the Subscriptions page, I have to be able to select a specific user in the View As dropdown. My use case is that I am only actually using Membership for subscription billing, and no access control.

    Oh, and I do know that the Usage page for Membership talks about needing to use a second browser for testing, and using FF in that capacity does work OK for me, just that my little netbook doesn't like to run a lot of apps at the same time. It would be a minor improvement, I think, to be able to view the site as a specific user, but I am marking this Resolved.


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