Text Change in BuddyPress

I have a client that wants to replace the word "Friend(s)" with "Connection(s)". I'm planning on using buddypress-en-US.po / .mo files. Upon first inspection, there are hundreds of strings containing "friend*" and I just wondered if there was a faster way to get it done than to copy the string to the translation line and change the word "friend*" to "connection*"? I'm hoping for some bulk translate powertool or something. Obviously, a simple search and replace doesn't work because the new entry has to be registered on the translation line. I can do it programmatically, but I don't want to "reinvent the wheel" , if someone else has already written something.

So, basically, my question is: Is the po/mo file the best approach and if so, is there a faster way to accomplish the task within that context?