Text Change stopped working

I've been using Ultimate Branding's text change feature quite a bit. I have ~18 items in there. So far, so good. But then all of a sudden, it stopped. The first 18 work fine, but everything I've added since then isn't working.

There doesn't seem to be a way to export/import my settings so I'm loathe to disable them all and start over to do any testing. And there's just no way I can run through a complete plugin test right now....we are about to go live and I can't risk the integrity of the rest of the site for a testing phase.

I'm just hoping someone can take a look and see if anything seems amiss (support access is open). I am guessing that there is something about the "last entry" in the list, because even if I take out other entries, it still doesn't work. So it's not just about numbers.

If there's a way to export the settings, then I'd be happy to engage in further testing.


P.S. I should note that the last entry currently in the interface (EdReady) is NOT working. You can see it not working here:

I actually wanted that one to display a trademark symbol but I changed it to plain text to see if the symbol was causing trouble. Still no joy.

I have tested many other text changes in place of an in addition to that one, I've also removed some items from up higher in the list, but nothing works after this ones that affect this page: