Text in sidebars is no longer aligned properly


Please see the screenshots I will attach after this message. Previously, all our sidebars looked great. All the text was properly aligned in the sidebar. See screenshot of OLD site.

Now our sidebars are no longer aligned properly. Some of the sidebar text even goes outside the box. PLEASE DO NOT type skydiving-encyclopedia.com. You WILL be redirected to our OLD site. Instead type skydiving-encyclopedia.com/wiki/skydiving . It will take you to our NEW site and you can see how bad the sidebars look.

Just to mention, I HAD to use Custom Sidebars Pro since WP is using Lexical Sorting instead of Natural sorting for wikis. (PLEASE, I have been around and around with many support folks about this and we seem to have no other choice, so PLEASE don't start trying to give me another work-around for WP sorting of wikis chronologically which is NOT the correct sorting method for wikis).

I tried to change the Minimaze CSS where I THOUGHT it was mis-aligning my sidebars. This made no change to the sidebars. My attempts to change the CSS in Minimaze did absolutely nothing to the sidebar.

So all I want is the text in the sidebar to be aligned again.

The screenshots will be attached in the next box.

Thank you.