Text input box not working with Q&A Plugin

Just installed the Q&A plugin and the WSYWIG textbox doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure it is a conflict with the TinyMCE (I have more trouble with that…:wink: editor and some other javascript. Troubleshooting Javascript is something I honestly know nothing about.

Clicking the HTML editor activates the text box and allows entry, but using the TinyMCE clicking in the textbox just does nothing.

Any feedback or help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Link: http://teatra.de/questions/ask/

On another note, this is exactly the right thing for my site and niche! There are always tons of questions out there within my niche and this is just the thing I’ve been looking for!

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Saunt Valerian,

    As a quick way to find a possible conflict, can you try switching to the Twenty Ten theme to see if the issue still persists?

    If the issue persists with the theme change, could you try going through your active plugins and deactivating them until you find a possible culprit?

  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    I’ve got to take the site down later this week to troubleshoot another conflict I’m having using that method. It requires me taking the site offline for few hours (I really should setup a test environment…:wink: Let’s leave this thread open and I’ll report back with what I find out.

    I do suspect it is the theme though (which makes the fix trickier, I think). I’m using the Dynamix theme which is good, but occassionally has some hiccups.

  • Saunt Valerian
    • The Bug Hunter

    It is definitely a theme conflict. I turned off all of my plugins and that didn’t fix it. Switched themes and the problem goes away.

    Additionally, I can also no longer access mysite/questions/ask/. It returns a 404 error. I also have some styling issues that need to clean up with questions as well.

    Here is what I have, but I would love to get this working. http://teatra.de/questions/

    Additionally, as a feature request – maybe the developer should look into creating this in such a way that we could embed the questions bit into a page using a shortcode. Shortcode emneds are a very WordPress thing to do and it gives us more control over how to use this. It also would make it more theme compatible, my theme as whistles and bells (though they are probably getting in the way right now) that I could use if I could just easily embed this into a page via a shortcode. This method also solves the sidebar problem (I am very biased toward this solution though, because my theme allows me to create as many custom sidebars as I want and assign them to any page I want.)

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