Text Not Showing Up On Button Pagination

All of our posts on recaplet.com contain slideshows, so on the very first page we want it to say "Start Slideshow >" on the button under the post. Right now, the button just has a ">" and the text "Start Slideshow" isn't appearing, but I can't figure out why. If you look at the source for a post page, such as this post: http://www.recaplet.com/10-30-drugstore-anti-aging-products-dermatologists-always-recommend/ , you will see the following code:
<div class="entry-pagination pagination"><a href="http://www.recaplet.com/10-30-drugstore-anti-aging-products-dermatologists-always-recommend/2/"><span class="pagination-before">START SLIDESHOW <i class="fa fa-chevron-right"></i></span><span class="pagination-after"><i class="fa fa-chevron-right"></i>

The code we are using to do this in functions.php ... I'm granting you access to our website via the wpmu admin tool, in case that is helpful.

Please let me know what we are doing wrong and how to fix it so that the words "START SLIDESHOW >" appears on the button, but ONLY on the first page of each post.

Thanks for your help!