Text on header redirecting to the wrong page


If you access the page below and click on the phrase at the header, you'll be redirected to a page that's not the home page -which shouldn't be happening.

That page is from a subsite that was set according to WPMU Blog Template, and the issue is happening at the subsite that serves as template as well. Everywhere else, when you click on that phrase, you get redirected to the home page (which is what I want). At the subsites though, when you click on it you get redirected to that subsite's "home page" -that being wheelofcommerce.com/subsite. I'm pretty sure this is set somewhere in my theme settings, which are under the Appearance menu, but I just can't find it. Any ideas?

Support access is active, but some of you guys have reported having issues while trying to log into the site using it. If you do, please use the credentials I've sent with Tyler's name around 2 months ago.
Login page: https://www.wheelofcommerce.com/login