Textbox not working in theme

I'm still working to beat out the 404 errors in another thread, but I'm also having problems with the textbox and WSYWIG editor for the Q&A plugin.

I've added add_theme_support( 'qa_script' ); to my theme, but that just removes the WSYWIG editor, I prefer to have that available.

There is a lot of javascript in with my theme including stuff from BuddyDev.com's BP Gallery plugin. I've deactivated all the plugins, however, and the problem still exists - it appears to be a conflict with the theme. I'm using the Dynamix theme, and I've contacted the developer, but I'm also asking here for help in getting this working.

Is there any way to use the CLeditor with the already loaded javascript libraries?

Link: http://teatra.de/questions/qa-section-for-tea-trade/