Thanks alot for the previus help, site now showing zero

Thanks alot for the previus help, site now showing zero validation error in w3c. My present head was so determine to get site optimized. However, how can I solve some of these site optimization analysis and web seo analyzer as follow;

SEO ==== 76.1%
To fix
Meta Robots
Link Canonical
Alternative Text
Reliable Links

Content ===== 65.3%
To fix
Sacannable email address

Design ====== 42.3%
To fix
Environment: Server Technology is visible
DNS DNSSEC not enabled

Performance ==== 32.3%
To fix
Page Caching
Script Location
Integrated Scripts
Inline CSS
Style tags

Accessibility ======70.8
Printing Style Sheet is missing

In Web Seo analyzer, it shows these to fix;

Our Services
Wrong heading level. Max allowed level is 1
Web Publishing
Wrong heading level. Max allowed level is 3
Design & Development
Mobile App Dev
What We Offer
Responsive Design
CMS Websites
Well Structured Code
S.E.O Compliant
E-Commerce Websites
Custom Development
Why Choose Us?
Quick Delivery
Reliable Customer Support
Design That Suits You
Twitter Feed!
Sign up Newsletter
Kaiste Ventures Ltd.
Useful Links
About Kaiste Ventures

Sigh...this my first been so deep in WordPress site! Hope some of the issues are solve on some tips are given to go about solving them. Thanks you in anticipation.

With Regards

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @Barni,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    The first part mostly points what needed to be fixed so I'm not sure what exactly you need help with there, please advise about this.

    As for the Web Seo analyzer, check that you don't have more than one H1 heading on the page and try not to use many headings on each page, here are some articles regarding that:

    Best regards,

  • Barni

    Hello @Predrag Dubajic, thanks for the link. But these are the issue to be solved as investigated by

    Priorities to solve

    Add a canonical URL.
    Put scripts at the bottom of the page.
    Configure a cache on pages.
    Link the page to Google Plus.
    Reduce Javascript links.
    Configure the GZIP page compression.
    Encrypt emails addresses in the page.
    Put scripts in an external .js file.
    Replace inline CSS by CSS classes.
    Put CSS in an external .css file.
    Configure DNSSEC.
    Hide Server Technology.
    Add textual alternatives on images.
    Configure ipv6 compatibility.
    Increase Text/Code ratio.
    Add Printing Stylesheet.

    Hope to get some solution, I'm not looking for all to be fixed...


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Barni!

    Usually suggestions such as these include some "would-be-good-to-do-but-not-quite-possible" ideas, so I don't think everything here would be possible. However there are some actions worth taking.

    - configure a cache on pages
    - configure the GZIP page compression
    - reduce Javascript links

    This is usually achieved by implementing a cache engine. The most popular caching plugins for WordPress are

    W3 Total Cache

    WP Super Cache

    Both include many options that will positively affect these issues. It's worth noting though that GZIP compression may not be supported by server. If this is the case you will want to ask your hosting tech staff for enabling it for you.

    2. Replace inline CSS by CSS classes

    This will require re-building theme code so I'd suggest skipping this part. It's not crucial and changing theme code may a) cause unexpected issues b) be lost upon theme update

    3. Put CSS in an external .css file

    This is related to #2. The better part (actually the most of it) of the CSS code is already in an external file, I'm pretty sure of this.

    4. Put scripts in an external .js file

    The same applies here as above

    5. Add a Canonical URL

    Nowadays, most themes support this "out of the box". However, you may want to use one of the popular SEO plugins for this, for example


    6. Link the page to Google Plus

    If nothing has changed, the same plugin should handle this.

    7. Encrypt e-mail addresses on the page

    This is for spam prevention rather than other reasons. Some popular methods are:
    - replacing addresses with "description" (e.g. "office at site's domain" instead of "")
    - replacing addresses with images

    This is however done manually. One other simple solution is to encrypt addresses with a plugin such as this one:

    8. Configure DNSSEC, hide server technology, configure ipv6 compatibility

    I think you will want to ask your hosting tech staff for help here.

    9. Add textual alternatives to images

    This may be a time consuming but relatively simple task if your theme properly supports <img> tag attributes. The easiest way is to fill in "Alt Text" fields for all images in your media library.

    10. Increase Text/Code ratio

    The real meaning of this is a famous SEO saying: "Content is The King" - add as much valuable and relevant text content to your site as possible.

    I hope that helps!


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