That did not answer any of my questions

I have restored this site almost back to the day it was made with no members there must be a serious issue with your plugins.After I uploaded my template to my wordpress account I was able to get a email activation link now I get nothing at all whats is wrong with this plugins and that jesture was not nice at all. You sent me a link to a wordpress security and that I already have wordpress security I am using wordfence are you saying this is no good because I have also used BPS ATI security that stops SQL injections there must be some type of compromise to your plugins that are allowing this type of behavior to happen.
Now what if I was using multi site I did not get any errors or files changes at all this site was restored back to January with no members at all in it. What would cause no email activation link to happen is beyond me I have.
programmed PHP and made a MD5 encryption with MD5 startles. At this point I feel robbed to say the least this is allot of work. Then I should ask wordfence for my money back as well as BPS AIT security because to tell me to redo a site over that was just restored back to when it was just completed whats the sence I must have a hacker fallowing me. I see no email activation code at all in the first account a have restored from.
I am also a member of the php academy I joined this to use safe plugins and all I have used is your plugins why am I not getting email activation links.