The available Appointment Times entered in working hours are not displaying on front end.

'm using this feature to allow customers to book/schedule hayrides at our farm. I've checked, reset and checked again, but no matter what I do, the times available for appointment are not displaying correctly based on the time entered for availability. For example:

Available time begins at 4:30 pm and goes through the evening on several days. No day hours are even entered as available on both the Service Provider and no service provider - both options have the exact same entries. We have also entered exclusion on most days of the year, as I only offer hayrides from September through November. Going to those days, when you find an available date on the calendar, the available times that show up are like 7 am and noon. None of which are entered in our availability. Although I still don't have Cache set, for grins I have cleared on my computer a few times now and no change.

Booking Hayrides
Earliest time to book should be 4:30 and the ride should only last for 60 minutes.

What am I missing?