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I feel like I'm double dipping a little here, after my last feedback item about the members forum, but I thought I would add my $0.02 worth to this site layout.

Before I *mildly* criticise, please let me first say I LOVE the general layout of the site. At first (when WordPress generically) went big ole in-yer-face fonts and whitespace, I found it a little wasteful, but in todays responsive world, I like a well laid out page. I won't say big is beautiful, but it certainly has it's advantages. I love the big titles, and big bold question or blog titles. I've even grown accustomed to the large feature cartoon graphics.

And here's the "but" (sorry guys)... There are just too many feature options hidden behind different menus that it get's confusing trying to work out where's best to post some things.

For example: It's a fine line what's a "support" issue and something that could be in "members forums". Sometimes, I'd like the opinion of WPMU DEVs specifically and so feel that "Support" is the best avenue for that. But it's also very public (and right now I've learned the difference between 24/7 support and support forums—I think), especially if I don't want it to be. Or conversely, DEVs who may be better at answering a question that I think may be best posted in the members forums may get lost in such a place.

To further point it out: Under "Support" on the very top menu of the site, you're taken to:
- 24/7 Support (open a ticket)
- Live Support (join the conversation)
- Support Forums (browse support forums)

The last of which I THOUGHT WAS the members area until I'd recently discovered that's a whole new area.

My point is, there seems to be too many places to ask a question and often it could fall comfortably within several areas.

I don't like problems without solutions, and this is just but an idea (without thought) but perhaps a "marrying" of areas or a method of posting a question that's optionally open to assistance from anywhere. By that I mean, having the ability to ask a question and then mark off some checkboxes, I'd like this to appear as:
- a support ticket item
- open for discussion in the support forums
- open for discussion in the members forums

OR (probably what I need) a better way for me to understand the subtleties of each that would help me make a better choice about where to post something.

  • Luís

    Hi madivad ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Firstly, I am glad that you are enjoying all our plugins/themes and support. Also, thanks for your suggestions, they are always taken into consideration to improve our products or in this case the functioning of our site.

    When you click in "Support" item, it brings you directly to the "Support Forum" where you can choose the section and "ask a question" directly in the section.

    Also, you have a "Members" itma in the menu to jump directly to the "Members" forum:

    Also, in the top menu, you have a link "Ask a question", that opens a pop up, where you can choose the area to place it:

    1) The sections of our support forum (General WordPress, Plugins & Themes, etc...)

    2) I want start a community discussion..

    3) etc...

    However, let me mention that our support team still helps in the Members forum, it's not only in the Support Forum.

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

  • madivad

    I think I fell for it again today, I think the support page would be better served by a fourth option of having an added selector for member forums (to the right of "Support Forum" on this page)

    I know it's probably just me but when I see "support forum", "forum" instills more of a user (/member) orientated community which is where I feel some things could be, ie where members can (and do) pitch in. I know I have in the past.

    And the members forums is a completely different area.

    You current have:

    24/7 ticket
    Live support
    Support Forum (is it a publicly viewable area?)

    and in a different area:

    Members Forum (which is private)

    Support and Members Forums seem closely related. Plus the members forum being private could exclude potential new users if some discussions were publicly available (ie found via google searches).

    Some things (such as my just posted question about the admin bar) is more meant for general comment than a support issue (again where I think "forum" is misleading—not in a bad way, just in my stupidity lol)

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