the Blog. (ha! i must name a plugin or theme, so multisite chat marketplace)

wading through the muck that is out there attempting to pass as up-to-date wordpress news, commentary, how-tos, (ya know, blog topics....) is a chore and you could spend all day doing that and not design (he says with full ambiguous snark intended) a single site. and yet your blog was, at one time, pretty much always super helpful, even those times when it was nothing more than a glorified advertisement. Sarah Gooding, as that one lone shining voice (she's so Good her voice Shines) in the darkness and aforementioned muck led me to return and return and eventually plunk down the ducats for a membership. given murmurings in recent days, i suspect she's probably needing a break from being lashed to the blog bulkhead for quite so long without narry a worthwhile understudy. Good for Gooding. She sure as heck deserves it.

And then there are the inevitable trite and well-worn, cliched 'shoes to fill'... and they're real, and unavoidable...and pretty darn big (even if she's "not going anywhere." they are a crucial part of maintaining your member-base and drawing in the hordes of eager, new youngsters fresh off the "i was on and got bored" bus...and by the way can you really be better than elegant themes? the price is fab-u-lus."

So… good luck.

One tip, which I'm sure our sainted Sarah has offered more than once: archive your posts that are REALLLLLY no longer relevant.. like "Awkwardly worded title using 'expect in' Wordpress 3.1, 3.3......"

love and stuff.