the booking calendar is very slow to load

I am not sure if there is a problem with the calendar or not but before checking with you guys, I checked with my host. This is what they replied:" It took about a minute for the calendar to load after selecting your name. Both the webserver and database server loads are low, we are not sure what could cause this problem. Please check on the calendar plugin to see if there may be anything a miss."
I have several clients who tried to book an appointment with me(kevin) and the schedule to an abnormally long time to load. Could it be a problem with the calendar plugin?
If you go to my website under the calendar, if you select as the trainer myself kevin and leave the default 60 minute training the page hangs and just shows the word BOOKING CALENDAR with no actual calendar that appears for quite some time. What do you think the problem is?
Kevin Frost

  • Milan

    Hello @Kevin,

    I hope you are having a good day except this issue and thanks for the asking. :slight_smile:

    I am not able to replicate this behavior on my sandbox site. Can you try using the AJAX method instead ?

    Simply add autorefresh="1" to each of the [app_services] & [app_service_providers] shortcodes.

    Then in add-ons enable the AJAX shortcode add-on you can do so via Dashboard > appointments > settings > addons.

    Now on your appointments page, Edit the page and add the [app_combo] shortcode before & after. so it looks similar to;

    [app_my_appointments][app_services autorefresh="1"]
    [app_service_providers autorefresh="1"]
    [app_pagination month="1"]

    Hope this helps.

    Milan Savaliya.

  • Kevin

    Good morning Milan,
    I hope that you are well and thank you for the fast reply. Milan, I'm sorry to tell you that I'm a code IDIOT lol. If I have enabled support, would you be able to add the code. I hope that it is not too time consuming or give you too much trouble. I'd really appreciate it if you could, the last time I tried adding code, the whole site crashed lol.
    Please let me know if it's possible.
    Thank you Milan,

  • Milan

    Hello @Kevin,

    I hope you are having a good day and sorry for being late here. :slight_smile:

    I've tried above solution on your site on behalf of you. :slight_smile: But it didn't' worked as I expected. It seems to me that now onward one of our SLS( Second Line Staff) person can assist you better on this. So i've flagged our SLS staff. They will get back to you soon. Meanwhile please be patient as response of our SLS staff will be slightly slower than usual support staff here. :slight_smile:

    I hope you will cooperate. :slight_smile:

    Milan Savaliya.

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