The Buddy Daily Incredible 468x90 Floating Advertising Box

One more for you, Tammie.

I've inserted the 468x90 advertising box on the main page of my test site at I know you have it configured so that there's room for a matching self-created banner But what I was wondering is how can I get the advert box to float in front of my banner?

If you check out my page, I'd love to get the ad box to lay on top of my banner. I think it would make for a cool background effect. I know I need to do some kind of z-axis / float:relative fix to get this to work, but with the custom.css and the inc codes, I'm not quite sure how or where to make this change on my layouts.


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  • Tammie

    @jodyw1: Sorry not sure what you mean by a floating advert above another advert... I could be wrong but isn't that a pop up? Wouldn't this plugin work? Beyond that you'd be talking custom css as I'm not even sure what you are attempting to do as an image shouldn't really be above another unless a popup you can click off. Sorry don't really understand what you are trying to do. You can have a banner image and an advert so that can't be what you mean is it? You just do that by setting a custom header. If it helps then the advert call is in library/components/advert-header.php.

    Sorry for lack of help but I'm a bit confused what you are trying to do so if I've not helped if you can explain more but I think it's a case of custom scripting if anything I've suggested doesn't fit.

  • jodyw1

    Right, but that's for setting up two 468x60s? One for the title and one for the advert code?

    What I've done is upload a 960x120 (or so... off the top of my head) graphic at the "Insert your full logo" option and then I've also entered the advertising code in the advertising code field. The effect I want is My Advert appearing over My Logo. As far as I can tell that's not how you designed the page.

    I'm just trying to figure out if there's an easy way to get it to do what I want, or if that's a custom amount of work.

    The image below shows my settings. The graphic shows the effect I want to achieve.

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