The BuddyPress Plugin disables the theme options

Just to let you know that in my install with buddypress and multisite the theme options don´t work and it work when I deactivate buddypress.


  • Donald McIntyre

    Thank you Phil. I have 66 plugins activated and I decided to stop turning off all of them every time I have a problem. (which seems to be WPMU DEV´s "Microsoft" solution for everything).

    I have come to the conclusion that Wordpress/BuddyPress/bbPress are all very weak platforms surely created for little blog sites and small CMS´s and communities. They certainly do not support a big structure with multiple functionality and above a certain amount of users. All Themes and plugins have problems. Premium and free.

    You really need to be a developer to use this platform if your expectations are of something bigger than a simple blog for your friends in college. But if you are a developer, why use wordPress? I guess that the only reason is to charge idiots like me for our ignorance.

    WordPress is actually not a free platform because all theme and plugin producers create the free versions for publicity and with such poor performance that users have to either conform with mediocrity or buy the premium product (which, I must say, is as mediocre as the free).

    My experience with WPMU DEV is that I subscribed to the top level membership to get all the premium themes and plugins, but I have been systematically replacing theme with other themes and plugins because of their poor performance and continuous technical difficulties.

    To my disgrace the replacements are as bad as WPMU DEV´s. So, again, my conclusion is that WordPress and its supposedly global charitable community to provide free web to the world is a poor, petty, for profit, pseudo philanthropic group of cheap liars that cannot produce good products even when they are "premium".

    My objective with was to create a Business Network as opposed to a Social Network. Also I wanted to show that a one-man-show, with the power of WordPress and its community, could create a real threat to established giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and eBay. But I was completely off the mark, not because of my ambition that will obviously sound ridiculous to you, but because of the WordPress communities´ false promises.

    This is how I fell into the liars trap: before I started I saw so many themes and plugins with promises like "turn your blog into an action site", "Have a Social Theme Just Like Facebook", "With MarketPress you will get the ultimate marketplace for your multisite", "Share video, images, music, and more", "Complete SEO for your MU install" (where something as basic as the XML maps don´t even show, this is a WPMU DEV product by the way).

    Once again the "proverb" is proven: THE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.

  • Philip John


    Sorry you feel that way. If you're willing to try the steps necessary to troubleshoot issues you have then of course we can help you and you can achieve your goal with the site. You must be willing to troubleshoot though.

    WP may be a blogging platform at heart but it is possible to run huge sites off it with our plugins.

    In fact, our very own Edublogs - second largest multisite installation on the web after - is proof of that.

    Our Showcase shows some of the excellent sites that have been created with our plugins.

    As for a free lunch, you obviously pay for your membership here at WPMU DEV and for that you get the support required to fix any issues and make sure you're not left with unsupported and unmanaged plugins. Obviously I can't speak for 3rd party plugins,

    So, if you'd like to try disabling all other plugins I'll happily help you through solving this issue with you.


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