The case for a "lite" version of the WPMUDEV dashboard

Here's the deal: the WPMUDEV Dashboard plugin is great, IF you're running several WPMUDEV plugins on a site. But if you're not... well, it's kinda silly. I have several sites where I'm running just 1 WPMUDEV plugin, and have no desire to add the WPMUDEV dashboard plugin, just so I can auto-update that one plugin. I really think you should consider adding the ability to auto update individual plugins, into each plugin. OR create a "lite" version of the WPMUDEV dashboard plugin that only has 2 functions: 1) authorize WPMUDEV account, 2) provide auto-updates for any installed WPMUDEV plugins. And just put it's settings under the WP Settings menu. That way it doesn't add a whole additional menu to the Admin sidebar, and doesn't have all that other stuff (notifications, add new plugins, account info, etc), that the dashboard does. I think a lot of people would appreciate a plugin like this to give them easy updates, but also in a very lightweight fashion. Thanks.