[The Company] The Future of WPMU DEV (may be emotional)

I keep wondering about it… (this may be emotional)…

I’m seriously considering the value I’m paying for. From the plugins left, I only use Defender, Hummingbird (for checking speed only), Smush & Branda. Amazing plugins like Domain Mapping are just being left beind (someone SHOULD fork this and keep it amazing and working!), I’m sad…

From the plugins I really use, only Branda isn’t Publicly Available at WordPress.org and the others, mostly the Free Versions would do the job (pay for Schedule Checks & Reports?). So keep paying the full amount I was paying for on the last years, to have only 1 Premium plugin (and it’s a damn good one)? Not sure it worths the price, maybe USD 4.95/month would be fair value.

I don’t want de-valuate the amazing Support Team. Some of these people I feel quite like friends, as if I actually knew them personally and these are people I cherish for: Luís , Konstantinos Xenos , Ash , Kris , Kasia Swiderska and so many others that I can’t remember the names, real Super-Heroes.

Pretty much all Multisite plugins were just being left in the wind. Also some nice things like Jobs & Experts and Help & Support, also just abandoned. The Hub and its Services (like Automate or Scheduled Backups, that has never worked for me on any site and give so many Support Tickets).

And most plugins that are left, others can do the same (sometimes better, sometimes worse), or WPMU DEV Free Versions will. So pretty much the main reason to keep a paid membership (Cool Multisite Stuff) isn’t there any longer…I’ts all in some way very ground-breaking (if you allow me the joke), and the WPMU DEV Membership costs suddenly became super-master-blaster-over-priced.

I actually see Forminator, SmartCrawl, Hustle, Shipper and Snapshot as white-elephants: full waste of resources. None of them actually works a 100%, multiple other plugins (sometimes free ones) can do it better. For backups & migration, many good hosting offers this and creating/pushing/pulling complete Multisites from/to Live <–> Staging takes seconds, not a full day like Shipper. Just works.

Well, on the Hosting area… You’re providing a pretty good service there, but for my type of business I really need a much higher level of control and customization than the one you can offer on your Hosting System. So again, others do it better (at least for my needs). As on all this Ticket I’m not promoting any other plugin, product or brand, really just expressing my feelings about my future with WPMU DEV. I don’t want to be too long, so it’s pretty much that.

As I pay per year (and at December), I’ll still have my Membership until the end of this year. If I don’t see any significant comeback, I’ll probably find out that for the same (or less) cost of a WPMU DEV Membership I can license very good software that will allow me to do the same.

I’m sorry for my long text, just feeling very sad with this decicion.

Cheers, long life and health to WPMU DEV