The content of pages I modify on the template site doesn't change the content on the sites crea

I downloaded the "New Blog Templates." One of the features says that "Any changes made to a template blog affect any sites created after you’ve made the new changes."

I tried to change content of pages I created on the template site and it doesn't change the content on the sites created off of that template.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    I think you're misreading that. It's under Please note...

    " One of the features says that "Any changes made to a template blog affect any sites created after you’ve made the new changes."

    So it affects only sites created after you've made the changes not the ones prior.

    The reason it doesn't sync them is it's design to for use on a "New Blog", so like creating an commerce template, or a community template. If it then synced the sites further they would never be it's own site. They would be clones.

    If you want to clone then maybe:

    Take care.

  • stephanepage
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hello Timothy, Thank you for the proposed plugin but after testing it, I found that it will only change the content of a page or post and nothing else (i.e. pictures, widgets, header).

    Here's the background story:

    We rent snowmobiles and have packages that our travel agents around the world promote to their customers. We would like to offer them an exact copy of a website that shows all the packages but have their individual heading with their contact information.

    They will have a link from their travel agent website to this replicated site.
    I don’t need to make it search engine friendly because we already have another website that is search engine friendly. And these replicated websites only serve as information tools for customers of those travel agents.

    I want to be able to create and modify content (or images, plugins, widgets, etc) and it’s automatically changed on all websites.

    The main site is
    I create subsites like

    I want the subsite to be a replication of the main one except for the banner at the top, the CONTACT page and the Form plugin where the results of the form is sent to each individual travel agent.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey again.

    That's definitely not something we have a plugin in for.

    Content mirror or something like:

    You can replicate your settings as a "one-shot" process (for example when setting up new blogs or installing a new network-wide or site-wide plugin), or have the plugin maintain your settings in sync on all your blogs over time.


    Are probably the closest thing without some custom coding.

    There may well be other plugins out there but I don't recall them, sorry.

    If these don't work then you would need to consider hiring a developer. If any of these could be used as a base then it could save you a small fortune in development costs.

    Take care.

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