The custom Roles did not sync to Sub site from Master...

I installed User Sync on the Master and the Sub.

I made sure I created identical roles on the Sub site. I am using WooCommerce on the Sub Site which has a default setting for new users to Customer. I created the identical Roles copied from same criteria as customer.

On the first try all of the user data passed except the Sub made everyone a Customer.

I deleted and tried again in DeBug mode. The first time it logged me out but only copied 25 of the 84 Users. I deleted these Users on the Sub site and tried again.

This time all of the User came over but again everyone's Role was Customer.

I have copies of the log files for both Master and Sub if required. I have enabled Support on both of the sites.

I am trying to synch 5 regional mobile apps site's Users to the as a national project within the next few days. So if I can get a fix before I have to do others it would be appreciated.

I will have to manually edit these for testing purposes tonight as we are filling in the billing and shipping details for the Users at the database level as part of a demo.