the dashboard reordering widget doesn't seem to work well

nothing i do seems to make the dashboard widgets line up properly. i have changed the hash and everything... i just get one long string of widgets in one column.

  • Sam
    • Flash Drive
    //  change the order of the widgets here
    $dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = 'custom_content_dashboard_widget';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = 'dashboard_recent_comments';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = 'dashboard_incoming_links';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_left_column[] = 'dashboard_plugins';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'wpmudev_dashboard_item_df=1';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_quick_press';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_recent_drafts';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_primary';
    $dashboard_widgets_order_right_column[] = 'dashboard_secondary';
    • Ash
      • WordPress Hacker

      In fact the plugin was released before WP 3.8 was released and the plugin is compatible with 3.8- versions. The problem is in newer version WP there is maximum of 4 columns depends on your screen size.

      I believe the developer is working on it.

      Thanks for your patience.


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