The "dedicated" IP

In all the documentation and support that we have received thus far re: mapping domains using the WPMUDev Domain Mapping plugin, y'all keep referencing a "dedicated" IP for the WPMU install.

Is this the correct terminology that should be used? Don't y'all mean a static IP?

After switching hosts and going through a Congressional Review as to why we need an additional IPv4 address for our WPMU network and not receiving one, we successfully mapped domains using Domain Mapping with the WPMU network setup using subdirectories (vs. subdomains) and have an additional WP site install that is on the server, but not on the network.

In this instance, we were able to get it to work (although we haven't before) with the two sharing the same IP (i.e. not dedicated).

In our humble opinion, we feel static is the correct word to use and will prevent conversations with hosting providers and ISP's degrading to name calling and death threats.

Thanks in advance; input will be greatly appreciated.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Is this the correct terminology that should be used? Don't y'all mean a static IP?

    By default your site should have a static IP.

    Dedicated usually refers to using the IP address for only 1 website rather than a number of sites.

    In reality it doesn't matter if it is a dedicated IP providing the DocumentRoot for the ip is that of your WordPress website. In other words you enter the IP address and it's your WordPress site which loads.

    We always say dedicated because this usually ensures that it is only the WordPress Multisite using the IP. And if the DocumentRoot isn't set, you can easily set it.

    A dedicated IP is naturally static. (A shared IP is as well for hosting)

    By setting an addon/parked domain, you can define the DocumentRoot so in these instances a dedicated IP is not needed.

    It's only when you have domains elsewhere and you need to use the A Record to point the domain in.

    Static, isn't the right word to use, static just means it doesn't change.

    So if you hosted with any host and they had 500 sites on that IP for example it's still static, but most likely (unless you're real lucky) won't resolve directly to your website because it's DocumentRoot is not set.

    Hope this clarifies.

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