The difference between BuddyPress with WPMS and WPMS without BP, but with all the plugins etc.

Hello! I am having a tough time trying to figure out how to choose the plugins for my site. Until today I thought I'd decided to install BuddyPress (and did) until I figured out that BP isn't compatible with Easy Blogging. Now I'm trying to figure out how my MultiSite website will look and feel if I install all those bitty plugins that enable the community abilities, but aren't BuddyPress.

Also, there were plugins for BP that I wanted to integrate, like BP Group Task Management, BP Moderation, EventPress (I need my members to populate the event calendar), BuddyStream, BP Frontend Admin, etc. Also I need my groups to have a wiki (a sitewide wiki would be nice too!), and forums and document upload and the ability for group admins to email group members.

I thought I had it all figured out until I discovered that Easy Blogging wasn't compatible with BuddyPress. How do the WPMS plugins for community function when compared to BuddyPress? I wish there was a nice neat chart that showed featured down the left row and the plugins across the top with little check marks showing what did what -- color coded according to whether it's BP or non-BP compatible.

I have been looking through the forums, and there was a guy who said that he's figured out how to make a default blog (for Multisite users) that has the Easy Blogging abilities, but it's separate from the main site where his BuddyPress is installed. How the heck did he do that?