The difference between BuddyPress with WPMS and WPMS without BP, but with all the plugins etc.

Hello! I am having a tough time trying to figure out how to choose the plugins for my site. Until today I thought I'd decided to install BuddyPress (and did) until I figured out that BP isn't compatible with Easy Blogging. Now I'm trying to figure out how my MultiSite website will look and feel if I install all those bitty plugins that enable the community abilities, but aren't BuddyPress.

Also, there were plugins for BP that I wanted to integrate, like BP Group Task Management, BP Moderation, EventPress (I need my members to populate the event calendar), BuddyStream, BP Frontend Admin, etc. Also I need my groups to have a wiki (a sitewide wiki would be nice too!), and forums and document upload and the ability for group admins to email group members.

I thought I had it all figured out until I discovered that Easy Blogging wasn't compatible with BuddyPress. How do the WPMS plugins for community function when compared to BuddyPress? I wish there was a nice neat chart that showed featured down the left row and the plugins across the top with little check marks showing what did what -- color coded according to whether it's BP or non-BP compatible.

I have been looking through the forums, and there was a guy who said that he's figured out how to make a default blog (for Multisite users) that has the Easy Blogging abilities, but it's separate from the main site where his BuddyPress is installed. How the heck did he do that?

  • jenniferljl

    Hmmm.... If there is a widget to pull any events posted on my user's blogs, onto the home page that might work. Then I'd need a way to categorize the blogs that would display on the home page. And additionally, I'd also need the categories to display in the navigation across the top. I'm currently using the Daily Theme. How might that work?

    But then there's the task management plugin. And I really liked the BP plugin that would allow people to post their activity onto FaceBook and Twitter.

    Any pointers on that?

  • jenniferljl

    The really important thing is events and event posting. I want an easy way for my users to post their events -- whether they are part of a community or a group. I need a global list of all those events. Also, I need a page where people can see the events listed an search them by location and/or type. Event attendance for all the members of this site/community/organization is really important -- probably the most important thing next to the work groups.

  • jenniferljl

    Thank you Mason! I did end up going back to BuddyPress. The events/calendar function was too important. I think that the worst case (?) scenario will be that I ask someone to create the ability for people to create an event from their profile, then another page where all the events (from groups and profiles) can be displayed & searched. But I need to get the basic configuration of the Social theme figured out first.

    The text layout on all the pages is giving me some grief. I think I need to make a new topic about it because I'm not seeing it on any other thread.