The email of an appointment to the client doesn't seem to be sending.

The email of an appointment to the client doesn't seem to be sending. What needs to be done for this to work? In the logs it only shows the email being sent to admin/service provider.

Link to settings screenshot:

  • Alexander
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    Based on these settings, it should go out. Are you having problems with emails anywhere else on this Wordpress site? For example, can you get password resets, and new user emails?

    This could be an email issue in and of itself that we need to look into and not just with appointments+ It might also be a conflicting plugin.

    Best regards

  • Michael
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    I have not had any other problems with sending emails. I disabled all plugins except the Appointments + plugin and still did not send any client emails. It is still sending service provider email and shows that under the plugin log, but does not send or log client notifications.

  • pxwm
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    Hi @Alexander Rohmann - Hope you don't mind me chiming in

    Hi @Michael

    To confirm an email will not be sent to the user who has made the booking until the appointment has been confirmed.

    I've checked your settings and if they are current then as you have the A+ 'General' tab 'Auto Confirm' field set to 'No' then when a user makes an appointment the appointment will be in a pending status, waiting confirmation.

    The reason Admin and the Service Provider are being sent an email is because you have the 'Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required' field set to 'Yes'.

    Suggest you either need to login to the A+ back end using your Wordpress dashboard
    Then select the A+ appointments and then the 'pending appointment' tab
    Then change the status to 'Confirmed' and tick the 'Confirm' checkbox directly underneath the status dropdown then save/update the changes.
    This should then send a Confirmation email to the user.

    Or you could change the 'Auto Confirm' field to 'Yes' and when the user makes a booking the appointment will be automatically confirmed and an email will be sent to the user.

    Hope this helps

  • Michael
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    I figured out the problem. I was changing the status of an appointment using the bulk option in which it didn't send a confirmation email. When I edited the appointment it then had an option to send a confirmation email as a check box.

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