the eSport plugin soon, but still i need help

last time I used WP phpBB was on the top forums, blogger for bloging, and wp was simple
now I came back with themes not even for blogs. I mean it is like photo gallery, but i didn't care I wanted this eSport plugin so bad, I had to learn php, so I done reading PHP 5 For Dummies, now I'm nooby so I did read 1/3 of this Pro PHP and jQuery. and I was practicing on my localserver so I made simple script now I have to learn WP
if you interested to help in the plugin let me know
and yeah I designed like the themes you love just pictures little words
I'm info security guy I can tell you if this $_GET is bad and I know all the evil functions
but I can't design one page (not now, I'm rank noob)
also for the sake if sharing knowledge, I will update the post with old article I wrote about PHP and vulnerability
one more time if you want to help let me know