The famous Fatal Error using BP

Not sure what I did? Of course…

Installing the BP Corporate and evidently screwed something up.

Fatal error: Class ‘BP_Groups_Group’ not found in /home/garysmit/public_html/wp-content/plugins/bp-group-calendar/bp-group-calendar.php on line 122

I reinstalled BP just now and no help.

Help anyone? I’m locked out of the site…

Edit: FYI that line reads:

if ( $group_id = BP_Groups_Group::group_exists($bp->current_action) ) {


I just deleted the group calendar (no big deal) I’ll add it back later (was working great before)…that allowed me back in the site.

Now, when I activated the BPCorporate I see everything fine, all menus, etc…but the links to groups, members, etc. go nowhere. Returns me to the same page? I’m not sure what happened?

anyone want to take a stab?