The Flub of all Flubs


Last night I was doing some minor debugging -- viewing/editing files with my FTP program (FileZilla) open.

Call it "fat fingers" or "slippery mouse" but apparently I dragged my /wp-content/plugins/ folder into my /mu-plugins/ folder.

I only realized it this morning when I went to one of my site's plugins pages and discovered it was empty.

Where did all my plugins go? >> (panic ensues) >> Check the FTP logs. Found the errant /wp-content/mu-plugins/plugins/ folder and moved it back >> (whew)

Seems simple enough -- I just moved it back to its normal place under /wp-content/, but several things have broken:

1. WPMS deactivated all my network plugins (since it couldn't find the plugin files)

2. On each and every blog that was loaded during the past 8 hours, WPMS deactivated all the blog's plugins. To make matters worse, there is no "recently active" link on any blog to remember which plugins were activated as of last night.

3. My list of active Supporters has disappeared.


Can anyone answer these questions:

1. Short of doing a MYSQL restore from a backup, how do I know which sites are Supporters and which are not? Which DB table contains that info?

2. Is there any way to "lock" the crucial WP folders so that they can't be accidentally drag-and-dropped someplace else?

Egg on my face.