The fundraiser manual links do not work

I downloaded the manual. If one goes into it to try to use it there are links to help. However the link to the cheat sheet goes to a now closed topic (1yr old). The png's on it do not download and do not show up on the page even though I am signed in. How do we get them? Or why do you not just include them in the fundraiser usage PDF instead of making us run all over and download more info. I came back to WPMU for this plugin but now may just bite the bullet and go elsewhere even though I've set up most of this already. Also seems the manual may be dated now as paypal is using rest stuff and this appears to be just for classic api's. Still could use classic though if the help info(cheat sheets) were there to help?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @vowpmudev,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    Fundraising like most other systems at the moment uses the classic API still on the advanced crowdfunding and not the rest API.

    Currently the cheat sheet is down unfortunately as a while back we had a issue with media and those were a few of the images that couldn't be recovered.

    While you are creating app, in project description write that preaproval payments will be collected for your fundraisings so users will be charged after the goal certain goal is reached.

    as "service used by app", select "Preapprovals" and choose "One-time Payments", in description, explain basically the same thing as above.
    "Step-by-step Payment Flows Instructions" is also duplication of description.

    The rest of the form can be filled in as you require :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • vowpmudev

    Thanks for the information. There seems to be more fields that are "if you don't know" require help on the developers application. It as mentioned might be beneficial, as the graphics its seems are lost, to not have the link in the PDF manual. Further other links and information in it are for the old "x" site and not the new paypal site.

    This includes the "help" info links within the plugin itself. No offense but not inspiring to pay for something that has so many gotcha's in it. The manual it seems needs to be redone. The links in the plugin section on setting up the settings for API and sandbox modes need to be redone. Its rough enough trying to get something going when one has not done it before. Its very frustrating to not be able to use the "provided" help portions.

    Think these things need to be addressed if this plugin is to be ranked in reviews with favorable ratings. In defense some of the ambiquity is on the actual app developers application. That however doesn't mean the plugin documentation can't make up the slack and more. Least IMO as a former application developer and trainer for systems.

    Thanks though for adding more than we had to go with before.

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