The future of New Blog Templates


Hi there!

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been off during a few days and working in other projects.

So, I’m starting this new thread so we can put some order on the bugs/requests about New Blog Templates.

We are still experiencing some issues with the plugin. Some of them are very challenging to solve but we’re on it:

– Signup page styles still does not display properly in some themes:

@realdude and @julia312 reported about that:

@Pat is having some issues with BuddyPress:

– @dmpress reported an issue with the header image: Still working on it. Images are difficult to manage depending on the uploads folder config.

Now, the list of new features/things to improve for the next versions (bear in mind that this could take a few versions more):

– Add content to blogs with a especific template: This cannot be solved easily so we thinked about it and now we’re working on a new plugin. It will be add content in selected blogs (pages, posts…:wink: but it will have a NBT integration so you’ll be able to add content to a blog with a specific template. A new table will be created and will gather information about the template selected by a blog, BUT, this has a big problem: What if a user changes its theme once he created a blog selecting a template? A possible solution would be to select a different template instead of a theme but this is a very hard choice. Should we let the users to change both templates and themes? Just templates when NBT is installed? Once a different template is selected, content should be erased? Any thoughts here? We are not completely sure about this.

– So, select not just a theme but a template could be a nice feature.

– A user wizard and templates variations so user can customize his own blog. This will need some time (maybe months) to be developed. We’ll try first to add some other features/improvements.

– Pro Sites integration. So you can set premium templates.

– Allow payments before creating the template. As @Gabe said, signup page in WordPress has its limitations but we’ll study how to sort it out.

So, this list could change in the future as we work on it and see pros/cons but basiacally thi is what I’d like to add to NBT in the future. More ideas here?