The Google+ Plugin "Post/Repost Loopback" Issue


I noticed something strange with regard to The Google+ Plugin.

Here's what happens, in order:

1. I install The Google+ Plugin at my WordPress site:


from WPMU and register it with my Google+ (Business) Page (**not User Profile**):


2. I publish a post in WordPress.

3. I go back to the post and "Like" it with the Google+ button.

4. At the "Google+ Like/Share" dialog, I share the post as "Public" to my Google+ (Business) Page (the **exact same** one as listed above, in Step 1.)

5. The post now appears as a Public entry on my Google+ (Business) Page "Posts" tab.

Now, here's where it gets weird...

6. At some later point, The Google+ Plugin **pulls the post back into WordPress multiple times** and **re-posts** the entry back to my Blog page(s).

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Best Regards,
KXA (K. X. Adams)

  • K. X. Adams

    Hello Jack,

    Thank you for replying so quickly! :slight_smile:

    I think I've figured it out. If you:

    1. "Like/Share" a WordPress post with The Google+ Plugin, and,

    2. Direct that the post be shared **with the same page or profile referenced (by Profile/Page ID number) in the "Google+ Pages and Profiles" section** of Plugin, and

    3. Have the radio button for "I want to display my imported posts in widgets and shortcode only" set to "[x] No" (the default setting) under "Import Settings,"

    then anything you share from WordPress to Google+ will be re-posted (sometimes more than once) back to WordPress.

    In my mind, this is a bug of sorts (even if the Plugin is working "as intended":wink:, because it violates the "Principle of Least Astonishment" and results in behaviour that an average user may not expect.

    I believe that there should be a way to restructure the Plugin so that when the Plugin queries the Google+ API for Profile or Page activity, and posts that activity to the WordPress blog, it does not read back and re-post those exact submissions which were originally sent to the Google+ Profile/Page from WordPress.

    Many of us are looking for a way to post **to** Google+ from WordPress, as opposed to the other-way-around, and the "Like/Share" button performs that function admirably. However, the "Import" function needs some additional "intelligence" (if possible) to prevent it from acting in the manner described above.

    Is there a way -- through the Google+ APIs -- to embed additional metadata "underneath" (i.e., invisibly within) posts sent to Google+ from WordPress? A simple binary true/false flag ("origFromWP" = "True" or "False":wink: would do the trick. Then, later, whenever the Plugin reads in and posts the latest activity **from** Google+ **to** WordPress, it could check for the "origFromWP" flag, know that the Google+ post originated from WordPress in the first place, and skip it...

    Best Regards,
    KXA (K. X. Adams)

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