The Hub - A way to enable/disable links

1. I would like to have an option to disable/enable link to the hub. I can always enable them on live site which is what we actually want on the hub so we can monitor, update, backup etc.
2. For a local development or even staging site, it really might be better not to have them so having that option would be awesome too :smiley:
3. Not to mention if u have 20 sites, that would be at least 40 sites display on WPMUDEV hub, with staging it goes to 60 without any sort of tags or categories management it gets awfully tedious to manage.

    • Delonn

      Hi Vaughan,

      Thanks for the taking note. An option to enable or disable the link between our site and the Hub(especially for the local environment) would also solve the same domain name problem too.

      As I m using Local by Flywheel as my local environment, whenever I show a client with a live link(powered by ngrok), it also adds that domain to The Hub(see attachment) and I have to delete them manually as it adds multiple of them at times.

      Lastly, it will also help when we no longer maintain a site for a client but still leave our WPMUDev dashboard and plugins on the site, an option to remove that link to The Hub would make sense so it doesn't clutter up the list.