[The HUB] Auto Login From The HUB

In the hub, clicking on the WP-Admin should log you into the site rather than just taking you to the login form.

Also, there should be a link to the front end of the site to see what it looks like rather than having to type it in or copy/paste. There should be a link to the font end of the site and a link to auto login to wp-admin.

  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello Hosting Gun

    This is an interesting feature request. I suppose this would work similarly to our Support Staff Access; however that feature requires explicit consent by the site owners to have the feature enabled.

    Since this is posted in our Features & Feedback section, our Dev Team will look into this further and consider it for future versions of the Hub.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Nico
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey guys!

    There is definitely a lot of value in your service for that price. No doubt about it.

    I've been with 'the competitor who must not be named', ????????for a while now and just recently started coming to the other side.

    Unfortunately, during my testing I found that a lot of the features I'm currently using/offering to clients are not available (hourly backups, 3rd party integrations (Google Analytics, envato), woo reports...just to name a few)

    Another thing that annoys me a bit is that a lot of the settings from within the hub, just redirects you to the sites admin. Settings should be able to be applied within the hub. (This might be coming in 2.0?)

    Like I said, I'm new and still testing the waters. I'll be happy to provide more features/suggestions when I'm not half asleep in bed. ????????

    • James Farmer
      • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

      Hahha, happy to name them! ManageWP yeh? Or ithemes?

      Anyway: hourly backups will come... and it'll be awesome, we're currently working on an incremental API based system as part of the new migration plugin which will form the basis for the new snapshot.

      GA integration (and first, our own stats) are on their way - both for the hub AND users dashboards AND white label reports.

      Not sure what you mean about woo reports... you mean as part of the white label client reports? Do they have an API that allows you to whack in whatever you want to them? That'd pretty cool if they do, we should totally look into that regardless.

      Same for Envato, do you mean installing / updating stuff from Envato?

      There are definitely more things that will be able to be applied directly from the hub in 2.0 but that's a little further off right now - it's been my ideal for a while, but right now we're really focussing on core site-wide stuff. It'll come to the Hub soon enough though.

      • Julian
        • Fake Russian Bot

        iThemes’ site management tool integrates with a couple of third party tools like Yoast and Gravity Forms and it can pull in some eCommerce data as well. Never used it or anything but I suppose it let’s you see how your WooCommerce shop is doing at a glance?

        Anyway, cool ideas for the Hub.

        • WP Bear
          • Grateful to Serve

          I use both ManageWP and the Hub but mostly ManageWP. I will move over to the Hub when it has the same/better features as ManageWP.

          That is an awesome feature with iThemes for pulling in data from Yoast and Gravity Forms. I like the idea of showing clients how many leads they got that month in a report from Gravity Forms or showing keyword rankings if that's something we are tracking.

          If it would be possible to add in other apps through their API that would be awesome as well, like CallRail, to show calls that came in...but I realize it's getting into a marketing reporting tool now and not just Wordpress maintenance...but if its possible to add in other tools like that, I wouldn't be upset about it :wink:

      • Nico
        • WPMU DEV Initiate

        YAY for hourly backups!

        Yes, the woo reports are part of the client report, along with the GA report.
        Envato yes, I can connect as many Envato accounts as I want, and whatever plugins I have within Envato, I can then install straight from there, without having to download the files to my computer first.

  • Mike
    • New Recruit

    If masking is enabled (defender), then the WP-ADMIN link in HUB should go to the correct login for that site, not default 'wp-admin'. If not automated, then allow to edit the Button link for each synced site...

    Also would like to be able to install plugins from WordPress & MyFavorites!

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